free Kindle booksDid you know that on average, Amazon Kindle launches a new book every five minutes? If you’re curious about the math, that’s over 4 million books.

If you’re an avid reader, you definitely understand the struggle of finding that perfect book in a sea of subpar reads. You also understand the struggle of paying way too much money on books.

We’ve got the solution for you! We’ve come up with the best free Kindle books that everyone should read. Yes, you read that right. Free!

Let’s get into it!

1. Pride and Prejudice

If you somehow skipped reading this timeless classic as required literature in your high school English class, you’ve truly missed out.

Jane Austen beautifully captures the struggles of femininity, morality, education, and socioeconomic class in this work of art.

Lose yourself in elegant Old English writing. Enjoy following the intricate, compelling story of five, unmarried daughters and their quest for love, loyalty, and identity.

This is a must-read for anyone who has questioned who they are and what their purpose is (so, pretty much everyone).

2. Heart of Darkness

Another timeless classic, Joseph Conrad captures sociopolitical corruption and psychological madness in this riveting tale.

Follow the main character, Charles Marlow, on his journey in finding Mr. Kurtz, a well-esteemed European trader “gone mad.”

It’s a dark and cynical narrative. Conrad, however, balances that with exquisite detail and a disturbingly-accurate depiction of the inner darkness we all have.

3. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

We all have different shades of personality, right?

Author Robert Louis Stevenson seems to think so. This book is a chilling and fascinating story. It weaves in split personalities with the darker side of humanity.

It’s eerie enough to creep you out but fascinating enough to keep you interested.

Follow one London lawyer who begins exploring the strange, uncanny differences in his friend, Dr. Jekyll.

This is a perfect read for anyone looking for the ultimate psychological thriller. Hooking you from the very first start, it’s a gothic horror story that very well may hit an unsettling nerve. If anything, it’ll certainly make you think about how we understand people.

4. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

You’ve probably seen the timeless movie, but it hardly compares to Lewis Carroll’s beautifully-written story. This read is one of the greatest free Kindle books available on the market.

Follow young Alice as she stumbles into a strange, fantastic wonderland where common sense does not exist and standard rules do not apply.

This is an absolutely enchanting read for any book lover who dares to dream and who believes life doesn’t come with limitations.

5. Metamorphosis

A deep, complex, and existentially-wounded read, Franz Kafka beautifully captures the social and interpersonal struggles all humans face.

The story captures one man who wakes up one day as an oversized cockroach. Sounds like a simple child’s story, but it’s far from that. Instead, Metamorphosis depicts communication, imagination, and consciousness.

Although it’s a relatively short read, every page is packed with suspense and awe. In fact, reading this just may change how you understand life.

6. Treasure Island

Remember when you were a kid and you loved pirates? Let’s be real — did you actually ever grow out of that?

This book brings you right back into that childhood spirit while mixing in themes of mystery, adventure, and lifelong imagination.

Robert Louis Stevenson shares the amazing story of Jim Hawkins’ journey to find buried treasure. Along his way, he stumbles upon many obstacles and challenges that test his strength, willingness, and intelligence.

It’s one of those free Kindle books that makes you reflect on both your childhood spirit and your adulthood personality.

Bonus: Kids absolutely love this one! The whole family can enjoy this book.

7. Edgar Allen Poe’s Complete Poetical Works

Love horror? Love science fiction? Maybe you just love creepy, disturbing, makes-your-skin-crawl poetry?

Whatever it is, Edgar Allen Poe is a world-famous poet for good reason. Take a step back into time, into the misunderstood world of darkness, fear, and ugliness.

If you’ve never read Poe, this is a must-read. If you have read Poe, this is absolutely a work of art worth revisiting. To date, this is one of the best free Kindle books for poetry fans.

8. The Secret Garden

Maybe you read this enchanting tale as a young child. Even if you did, it’s definitely worth a revisit.

If you’ve never read it? You’re in for a wonderful treat.

As far as free Kindle books go, this is a beloved, joyful read. Follow the happy story of three young children finding themselves and finding answers about life within a forgotten, magical garden.

Read this to the child you love. Even adults without children will appreciate the uplifting, delightful story about human connection.

9. Les Miserables

Even if you’ve seen the dazzling Broadway adaptation, the book is still a knock-out read.

In this dynamic tale, Victor Hugo highlights human poverty, human pain, and pushing oneself to the ultimate limits.

This book hits on everything people struggle with, from sadness and hope to religious fear and pride.

Les Miserables is so much more than just a book. It’s an experience, and it’s a gorgeous depiction of good, evil, and everything in between.

10. Oliver Twist

As far as free Kindle books go, this one is a classic. Charles Dickens tells a compelling story of young Pip, a boy struggling with expectations, wealth, and purpose.

The character development is superb and the plot leaves you constantly wanting more. Dickens tackles many taboo subjects in this work of art. We’re talking kidnapping, child abuse, and murder.

Yet, he weaves this horror into a beautiful, inspiring tale about hope and discipline. Though the book might be challenging, it’s absolutely worth the effort.

Ready to Start Reading These Free Kindle Books?

Reading is one of the greatest luxuries we humans have. And, let’s be real here. Free reading makes the luxury that much sweeter.

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Happy, happy reading!