About Me

Looking for some good books to read? Great! That’s easily accomplished.

But first, this is me: I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginia, herding cattle, chopping firewood, and reading everything I could get my hands on.

That translated into a long tradition of telling stories verbally that seem to have no end.  (According to my wife.)

Eventually I decided to write these things down, where I would have the freedom of including every detail I thought necessary, and my not-so-captive audience would have the freedom to come and go as they please.

My attempts at penning fiction came as a result of Oceanography classes (my intended major) that were too technical for my creativity genes to comprehend.

After a few Creative Writing workshops with the amazing author Sheri Reynolds (The Rapture of Canaan, an Oprah’s Book Club selection), I knew I’d found the right outlet for my storytelling. I’ve spent the past 17 years writing fiction, on the side, while creating those instructional guides that you immediately throw away as soon as you open a new toy.

Random Facts About Ernie Lindsey

  • I also write paranormal suspense under the pen name Desmond Doane.
  • I’m the right guy to have on your Trivial Pursuit team.
  • I can’t trill my tongue, therefore speaking Spanish and saying “Ruffles have ridges” the proper way have always posed a problem.
  • My Last Supper meal would be Biscuits & Gravy.
  • I have a phobia of moths.
  • And, if you happen to read Going Shogun, at least one of the weird dishes was actually created, and was part of the inspiration for the novel.

Sarah and I live in central Oregon with our toddler son, and our polydactyl cat, Luna.

I couldn’t have better editors in life.