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In a virtual sea of free Kindle books, it’s kind of hard to swim through all those titles, huh? USA Today bestselling author Ernie Lindsey shares ten top-notch *free* recommendations. (Keep reading, or click each cover for a description, or check out a couple more lists I’ve compiled if you’re looking for something more specific.)

All the free books are below, but may I grab your attention for just a second? I ask because I don’t want you to miss out on saving 40% off the box set of my bestselling series.

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First, since you’re on a site about ebooks and reading, here’s a quick story that might sound all too familiar.

Sarah loves reading. She loves reading on her Kindle, to be exact.

She knows she can get free ebooks from the library, but the wait takes forever…

And by the time a copy is freed up, she’s no longer interested, or worse yet, she’s forgotten why she wanted to read it in the first place.

She belongs to a couple of book clubs; one with her friends, and one with her daughter’s friends.

So, between those two groups and her own reading, this enjoyable habit gets pricey, and her book budget only extends so far.

Then, the clouds part:

She meets her friend Karen for coffee one morning, and not surprisingly, Karen has her Kindle along with her.

Karen is always reading.

Sitting at the doctor’s office. While she’s walking on the treadmill. While she’s waiting on the spaghetti to boil. If there’s a free moment, Karen has her nose stuck in a book.

Sarah asks Karen how she can afford them all and adds, “That gets expensive, doesn’t it?”

“It can,” Karen replies, “but these days, I mostly get my Kindle books for free.”

“Like from the library? I tried that, but just takes so long to get a copy.”

Karen explains that there are several different ways to get free Kindle books, like email lists, sorting through Amazon, that kind of thing, and then writes down a few ideas for Sarah.

Fast forward a couple of hours…

Sarah is at home, sitting in front of her computer, amazed at the digital MOUNTAIN of free ebooks, wondering where to start, which of these authors are worth reading, and wishing she had asked Karen for some recommendations.

Sound familiar?

Here’s where this list comes in. The mountain has been whittled down into ten great places to start if you’re looking for good books to read.

There’s something for everyone, from thrillers, to romance, to science fiction.

Let’s get started…

Wait, what do I know about free Kindle books?


free kindle books

That’s me, the bald and the beautiful.

I’m an author. I’ve been writing fiction for over twenty years.

I’ve also been lucky enough to do it professionally since 2013.

That said, my picks for the best free Kindle books below are either from books I’ve read, authors I’ve worked with in the past, or writers I know and trust to put out a high quality read.

With the surge of ereaders gaining popularity over the past few years, readers like you have faced a deluge of books…

Some of them good, some of them not so good.

Some of them that have kept you reading long into the night, hours after you should have gone to bed.

Some of them you toss away in disgust after reading the first few pages.


Not what you’re looking for? Let me offer you a free copy of my USA Today bestselling novel, Sara’s Game, downloaded close to half a million times worldwide. Get access to it now.


Free or not, for every Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train, there are tens of thousands of books out there that are diamonds in the rough or…

…truthfully, just another lump of coal.

I don’t mean to sound snarky, but these are some of the sentiments I’ve heard from my readers over the past few years, you know?

Too many books, not enough good ones.

And even fewer great ones.

If you’ve signed up for ebook recommendation services like BookBub or eReader News Today, you’re inundated with daily emails where you may or may not find free Kindle books that look even remotely interesting.

Sure, maybe some of them have a catchy cover and look like fun, but it’s the words inside that matter.


The Solution to Finding Something Good to Read

Let me save you a little time. Let me, an author who knows authors, give you a head start on sorting through the millions of options out there.

Grow your To Be Read pile instead of shoveling away at the mountain one teaspoon at a time. And do it for free.

Anyway, enough rambling.

You’re here for some excellent ebook recommendations, and that you shall get.

So, here they are, my picks for the…




(Each cover below is clickable and will take you to the title’s description page. They’re free as of December 2016. Send me a note using the Contact form if you find one that isn’t.)


free kindle books1. WOOL by Hugh Howey

This is truly one of the most successful Kindle books to come out within the past few years. Part sci-fi, part thriller, part mystery, it crossed the boundaries of genre and audience with ease and established itself as one of my top picks.

I recommend it almost any time someone asks me what they should be reading.

Originally, WOOL began as a single novella and readers were so enthralled by the plot that author Hugh Howey wrote four more installments in order to tell the story of a group of post-apocalyptic survivors living in an underground silo.

Next came the sequel, SHIFT, which is really a prequel to the WOOL story, followed by DUST to finish up the trilogy. (If that’s confusing, trust that the reading order is WOOL, SHIFT, DUST.)

Regardless of your taste in fiction, whatever genre you prefer, it is absolutely worth the read.

Clicking the cover above will take you to the description for the original novella, which is currently the only free portion of the story.

Don’t let that discourage you though. It’s my first pick for a reason.


the wedding gift lucy kevin2. The Wedding Gift (Four Weddings and a Fiasco Series, Book #1) by Lucy Kevin

I have to admit up front that I haven’t read this one. I’m more of a mystery and suspense-thriller guy myself.


“Lucy Kevin” is the “sweet side” pen name of the New York Times, USA Today, and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author of Bella Andre. (By sweet side, the book description states that the Lucy Kevin books are romances without the steamy scenes.)

I’ve never personally met Ms. Andre, but we were in the same online author hangout groups way back when. She’s wonderful, and for someone who has sold more than five million books, it was great to see how humble she remained.

If you’re looking for exciting romances, you can’t go wrong with Bella’s writing.

For the steamy stuff, be sure to check out her Sullivans Series.


free books on kindle3. The Arrangement (Ferro Family Book #1) by H.M. Ward.

I can’t mention contemporary romance without bringing up H.M. Ward either.

Truly an absolute titan in the world of romantic fiction, Ward has sold close to 13 MILLION ebooks since her career catapulted to the top of the charts only a few short years ago.

Ward was also a part of the same online author hangouts. Friendly, fun, and humble in the face of her astounding success, it’s wonderful to see that she consistently remains at the forefront of romantic fiction.

Book #1 of The Arrangement series is currently free, and if you happen to download this one, be prepared to sink your teeth into a series that is twenty-three titles long.

Yes, you read that right. Twenty-three. (I think that’s the end. Maybe. We’ll see.)


mark dawson kindle books4. 1000 Yards – A John Milton Short Story (John Milton Series) by Mark Dawson

While only a short story, it’s still a free mystery-thriller, and is perfect for fans of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.

Mark Dawson is a UK author that I’ve chatted with in the past. An all-around great guy who writes a helluva good story, and is also personally responsible for changing the lives of multiple indie authors.


By teaching them how to get their years of hard work out into the wild.

I would venture a guess in saying that quite a few readers don’t quite grasp how difficult it is to 1) write a book 2) tell an engaging story while doing so and then 3) find an audience.

Writing fiction isn’t brain surgery, but it’s a different kind of difficult. It’s mentally exhausting and emotionally challenging to live inside the worlds we create. We spend weeks, months, and years crafting something that we hope is entertaining.

Dawson’s ability to continually tell engaging stories while balancing an online course for authors that has thousands of students makes him one of the top indie authors in my book. (No pun intended.)

Click the cover above and go meet John Milton.


jet by russell blake5. JET by Russell Blake

Crafty, intelligent, witty, and unafraid to say the things that a lot of people are thinking, Russell Blake has been one of my favorite authors to follow over the past few years.

Scott Nicholson, another high-grade author, had this to say about Blake’s writing:

“Russell Blake writes with a brisk intensity and pulse-pounding power. Jump in and hang on for a nonstop thrill ride.”

Blake has been featured in the Wall Street Journal.

He’s a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.

And, to me, this is the coolest part of all…

He’s co-authored two books (so far) with none other than Clive Cussler.

With a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on over 1500 Amazon reviews, the first novel in the JET series is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for thrilling suspense books full of action and adventure.


books by saul tanpepper6. Golgotha: Prequel to the Gameland Series by Saul Tanpepper

Saul Tanpepper is the super-duper ultra-secret pen name of a PhD molecular biologist and former Army medic and trauma specialist.

Not really. His real name is right there on the Amazon page, but you’ll have to click to find out!

I’ve tossed Tanpepper’s Golgotha into the mix for a bit of variety. Reviews compare it to Michael Crichton’s work, and it’s perfect for those of you who are looking for something along the line of a “scientific” thriller.

I’ll let the description speak for itself:

Attempting to avert a human disaster of global proportions, a molecular geneticist self-administers an experimental antidote against a military virus that reanimates the dead. But in order to ensure it works, he must first infect himself an all the infection to proceed to its inevitable, terrifying conclusion.


reher kindle books free7. Quantum Tangle (Targon Tales – Sethran Book 1) by Chris Reher

In continuing with the sci-fi theme, I’ve included the first book in Chris Reher’s series because, as she says herself on her Amazon biography, “Space opera is people.”

Think of giant ships floating among the stars. Think of pew-pew laser guns. Asteroids exploding. War-hungry aliens attacking unsuspecting planets with an armada of space weapons.

At the center of it all, the part we identify with the most as readers, are the people making the decisions, choosing to pull the triggers, and trying to hold their heads high at the end of the day.

If you’ll pardon the Star Trek joke, beam yourself into her series, and learn about the human condition out there in the never-ending vacuum of space.

We’re not too far away from that, you know.

The future is right around the corner.


classic science fiction8. Trixie & Me (Galactic Exploration – Book 2) by Peter Cawdron

As I create this list in December of 2016, I realize that my picks are a bit heavy on the science fiction, but that’s primarily due to the fact that I just watched Arrival at the theater—the amazing film starring Amy Adams as a linguist learning to communicate with alien visitors.

Nonetheless, I can’t mention sci-fi and leave Peter Cawdron out of the mix. Brilliant and highly technical, Cawdron (quite literally) puts the “science” into science fiction.

If you’re into classical sci-fi, or know someone who enjoys the work of award winning authors like Philip K. Dick and Arthur C. Clarke, then definitely check out the work of Peter Cawdron.

It seems odd that he doesn’t use a middle initial, right?


fantasy books david adams9. Ren of Atikala (Kobolds Book 1) by David Adams

Like many of the authors in this list, whom I’ve become familiar with and known for years through various writing groups, this Aussie brings a blend of wit, charm, and intelligence to his fiction.

I haven’t read this particular work by Adams. I’ve included this fantasy title here because I’ve come to know him through his science fiction, and since this list was already getting a bit sci-fi heavy, I thought it would be best to shake things up a bit and offer more variety.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed reading fantasy. The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, the Game of Thrones series…

It’s the blend of magic and fanciful creatures, imagination and wonder, that really transport me to another time and place where wizards and warriors cast spells and battle giants. Good versus evil. Swords and dragons.

I love disappearing into other worlds. It’s why we read, isn’t it?

To escape? To live out our dreams?

As I said, I’m familiar with the sci-fi Adams has written, and if he brings even half of that same enthusiasm to this work of fantasy, you’ll find yourself in the middle of an engaging story.

dirty little secrets10. Dirty Little Secrets: A J.J. Graves Mystery by Liliana Hart

When it comes to mysteries, thrillers, and romantic suspense, you can’t go wrong with Liliana Hart.

You just can’t.

Since she entered the world of fiction as an indie author back in 2011, Liliana Hart has sold over 3 million ebooks, has been translated into eight languages, landed at #1 on multiple lists across the world, and all three of her major series have been New York Times bestsellers.

Dirty Little Secrets is a great place to start with Liliana’s fiction, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you wound up devouring all of her work.

Get ready for some long nights of exciting reads!


Conclusion | What to Do Next


download free books on KindleOkay, there you have it, an insider’s guide to a list that should keep you heartily entertained. Bookmark this page and check back now and again as I might swap out some titles for variety, or some might not be free down the road. You know the drill. Also, feel free to share it with your reading friends and family by clicking one of the social media icons below.

And, while I’m at it, I might as well shamelessly plug one of my own free books. (Again.) If you’d like to read a copy of my novel, Sara’s Game, that has been downloaded close to 500,000 times worldwide, click this link to find out how. Or, while you’re here, you might as well check out the paranormal books I’ve written under the pen name Desmond Doane.) Thanks for reading!





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