FTIS_3D_CoverA while back Brian Spangler approached me about being part of an anthology made up of independent authors.  (Check out Brian’s work here.)  Of course, and absolutely, I said yes because 1) Brian’s a great guy and 2) he and Susan May already had an amazing collection of my colleagues lined up to participate.  It was a huge honor to even be asked because this is a collection of award-winning, New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors who have such a level of talent that I felt like the nerdy freshman who’d gotten invited to party with the cool kids.

To be fair, SARA’S GAME was on the USA Today bestseller list, but some of these folks are big time bestsellers.  Industry giants and whatnot.  I’m lumped in with these guys?  Consider me flabbergasted and thankful.

The collection features original short stories by each author, and rather than blathering on about how amazing each one is, check out the blurb below and then go grab a copy for yourself when it releases on February 1st!  Be sure to check out the forward written by Hugh Howey of WOOL fame, which does an excellent job of conveying why indie authors like me have chosen this path for our creativity.




Michael Bunker
Peter Cawdron
Kate Danley
Anne Frasier
    Sara Foster
    Jason Gurley
    Mel Hearse
    Kev Heritage
    Hugh Howey
    Ernie Lindsey
    Susan May
    Brian Spangler

A man who remembers the future and a veteran haunted by his past. A witch ignorant of her powers and a vampire achingly aware of his emptiness. An unmaimed man, a cursed queen, a troubled marriage, a family just trying to survive. 

From an abandoned convent to a Martian classroom, an open-mic reading to a New Mexico mountaintop, these fantastical and imaginative tales will take you on a journey through impossible worlds, all-too-possible futures, and disquieting glimpses into the other side of reality.