I have a lot to catch up on. It seems like every time I sit down to write a blog post, I have a moment of “Has it really been ___ days since I updated?!” Between writing, chasing a fifteen-month-old, and life’s interventions, it’s amazing how quickly another week/month/year passes.

Here’s what’s happened recently:

1) Sara’s Game has been set to permanently free on Amazon. (More about that below.)

2) I released both Sara’s Past and Sara’s Fear.

3) I wrote another novella called How White People Die. Strangely enough, the title for that one came to me in a dream and it was so catching that I had to run with it.

4) I released Warchild: Pawn, a young adult, dystopian thriller, similar to The Hunger Games.

5) I just finished another novella for Kindle Worlds and once it’s approved and the cover is ready, I’ll be uploading it. This one is written in the world of Marcus Sakey’s Brilliance, which really is a fantastic novel if you haven’t read it yet. (My other Kindle Worlds piece, Fang, is set in Hugh Howey’s world of Wool.)

That may not be all. These days, Dad Brain is quite prevalent and I have trouble keeping track of where I’m going, what I’m doing, and if I remembered to shower. It seems like the toddler alarm clock is going off at 6AM and then it’s time to crash.

Okay, back to #1 above – I can honestly say that Sara’s Game made my career as a novelist. The life and trajectory of that book has taken me on a wonderful ride over the past year and a half. From selling on its own right out of the gate, to being chosen as a Kindle Daily Deal, to gracing the USA Today bestseller list, that little novel provided me with the ability to do what I’ve always wanted to do for a living, and that’s to tell stories.

I’m still totally blown away by how consistently it sold, and I nearly gave myself a panic attack trying to decide whether or not I should set it to free. The intent was to draw other readers into my work and to give some of my other novels and shorts a chance. We’ll see if that works over time. But, it’s a huge risk on my part because that’s the only one that has really been paying the bills! If you’d like to help out, feel free to share it with your reading friends. The more the merrier.

I’ve released six novels (five under my name and one under a pen name), four novellas, a couple of short stories, and contributed to an anthology of some amazing speculative fiction authors, all within the past year. I’m too lazy to go look at the actual numbers, but I think that’s somewhere between 500-600,000 words in the last twelve months. And that’s not counting the projects I’ve started and abandoned.

Not to mention all the marketing, advertising, reading, learning, and baby-chasing I’ve done in that time frame. It’s no wonder that 2013 blinked by.

What’s up next?  I have at least two more books I’d like to write in the Warchild series and, hopefully, I’ll finally get around to writing a sequel to The White Mountain. Three more novels should get me through the summer.  Beyond that, it all depends on where my imagination takes the next million words.